Do You Need an Expert Witness for Your Orlando Personal Injury Case?

Depending on your situation, an expert witness may be required to prove your personal injury case against a negligent party. The testimony of this witness is particularly essential in disputes where the insights of an expert can help insurance adjusters or judges understand how the opposing party is to blame for the accident. An Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer can connect you with expert witnesses you may need depending on the type of accident you were involved in. 

When is an Expert Qualified to Give a Testimony

Experts can testify for a personal injury case if they have experience and educational background that qualifies them to speak regarding the topic of their testimony. Also, if this topic is prone to misunderstandings by outsiders, an explanation may be needed to clarify matters. The testimony of an expert is based on facts obtained from specialized knowledge. So, if your injury occurred due to a construction accident, another contractor could give testimony for you to help a judge or jury know how an industry’s standard of care was breached by the defendant. 

Common Cases that Require an Expert Witness

Personal injury cases that require testimonies from expert witnesses include the following:

  • Car accident. An accident reconstruction specialist can help explain the way the crash took place and connect this to the injury suffered.
  • Medical malpractice. Another medical practitioner may need to explain medical procedures and show how a negligent medical provider acted carelessly and lead to an injury.
  • Product liability. An expert can point out design defects, manufacturing defects, and violations of safety standards that might have caused the injury. 

Can the Testimony of an Expert Witness Get Disqualified?

An expert witness can be disqualified by a court when they fail to communicate their points in their testimony. Expert witnesses should explain in a way that is easy to understand concepts like the medical complications of a surgery-related error or the physicians behind a car accident. 

Moreover, courts can also disqualify witnesses if they find out they made a false testimony. Therefore, injury victims must get an expert who is articulate, knowledgeable, and experienced in their field.

What If You Can’t Find an Expert Witness?

Even if you cannot find an expert witness who can help with your case, you don’t automatically lose the dispute. But it can be more difficult to support and strengthen your case because the opinion and findings of an expert can bring more credibility to your account of what happened. 


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